isabelle gheysen

Isabelle Gheysen reoriented her career in 2005 towards her chosen field: the promotion of luxury real estate. After hesitating in choosing architecture for her university studies, she finally began studies in economics, crowned by a degree at UFSIA in Antwerp and a master's degree in finance at the Solvay Business School in Brussels. It is during her postgraduate Erasmus stays ​​in Italy, Spain and Germany, to perfect her languages skills, that she developed her taste for travel and new cultural influences, which will shape her vocation.

Following the next ten years in marketing – including in the very dynamic agency Duval Guillaume – her commercial responsibilities will teach her to combine the creative work of her colleagues with the requirements and constraints of her clients. She will also improve her project management skills, with the ability to brief and manage the expectations of stakeholders with different interests, and develop her taste for aesthetics.

However deep down, was still buried a great unsatisfied ambition of entrepreneurship, which she inherited from her family environment in the Kortrijk region. So she then resigns from her status as an employee, breaks her piggy bank, and embarks on a first renovation project in the Brussels region. She quickly finds her niche: high-end real estate projects, with personalized after-sales service, for a selective clientele, especially among expatriates of the capital.

Isabelle has surrounded herself with a small team, and has built a faithful relationship with a series of architects, craftsmen and trades who make every Chesma project a success, and has began to make a name on the marketplace.